Stone Siding

image 1If you have a siding project ahead of you, you are probably wondering which material will best fit your commercial or residential property best.

 The truth is that there is no right answer to this question. It is the color and design which define the final look but not the material itself. If you are looking for a solid and long-lasting solution, we recommend you choose stone siding as your primary siding option.  There is no doubt that stone of brick siding provides anearthier, natural look than any other siding material. Generally, stone and brick siding are more expensive up front, but require less maintenance in the long run.

 Stone siding is incredibly durable and if maintained periodically, can last a lifetime. If you can get over the initial sticker shock, stone or brick siding is one of the best, most unique, long-lasting, and beautiful siding choices available.

 Benefits of stone siding:

  1. Durable. Won’t rot, or fade with exposure to the elements. Is not susceptible to fire or storm damage.
  2. Because of durability, it may result in lower home insurance premiums.
  3. Incredibly long lasting (more than fiber cement, wood, vinyl, steel).
  4. Low maintenance levels.
  5. Stone siding is natural, it is incredibly unique. Brick siding offers an incredible variety of selections.

We offer only the highest quality exterior stone siding products, including both real and manufactured stone siding and the same attention to detail that makes our technicians and installers a cut above the rest.  If your budget allows, natural stone such as limestone or granite, is available by the ton. A ton of limestone will cover 30 to 40 square feet. Stone siding is made of a stone that is planed smooth on one side and cut to about two or three inches of thickness, with the width varying for a natural look.

If you want real stone, this is the choice for you. Many people, however, are satisfied with simply having the “look” of stone and choose one of the many manufactured stone products.  Whether your choice for a stone exterior is real or manufactured, we are here to make it a reality. Contact us today at (916) 833-5526 and let the experts show you how easy and affordable a new stone exterior can be.