image 2Weather, pollution and aging take their toll on exterior facades. As a result, cracks in bricks, stones, and stucco walls are some of the most common masonry problems.

 These cracks detract from the appearance of the structure, and can allow water to penetrate the wall and damage interior surfaces. Many find it difficult to match the existing brick, stone or stucco color and texture, leaving behind an obvious or unattractive visual trail.  Bricks are used in various parts of a home. This may include walls, fireplace, floor and decorative features. The damaged bricks may have discoloration, cracks or can be warped.

 The damage may also result from fixtures on the wall. It can be by drilling, nailing, hanging doors or windows. The repair is usually done by removing the damaged brick and replacing it with a new brick without bringing down the abutting structure.  Our brick, stone and stucco repairs are virtually invisible. Skilled craftsmen use traditional and superior materials to achieve the appropriate color and texture of the structure under repair. Our materials are effective in achieving superior aesthetics, and dependable, long lasting results.

 Our Brick Replacement Services Include:

  • Chimney Brick Replacement
  • Stone Replacement
  • Brick and Stone Installation

All bricks absorb a small amount of water, when the water inside the brick freezes the face of the brick can often be damaged. This is called spalling. Once this happens the wall is no longer waterproof as moisture can penetrate through the porous brick.  We first analyze the underlying cause of the problem, fix the problem and return the structure to its original, intended appearance. When restoring a damaged brick or stone structure, choosing the correct approach is important.

 Our company prides itself on our skilled team of restoration and bricklayers, who will remove and/or replace your bricks in great detail. Due to the detailed designs that may entail, our team strives to make the impossible, possible. Through the use of a small hand held jackhammer and a joint grinding technique, we are able to remove bricks by hand.  Because of the various shapes, sizes and colors bricks are characterized with; we assure the replacement of bricks with either the original or similar in nature, returning the face of your property to its original look.

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