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Repair | Brick & Stone Work


image 7Buildings of all ages are subject to movement or have design or workmanship defects. Such problems can result in unstable facades or cracked and damaged structural members. We offer a range of proven repair options which, if introduced in good time, can help you avoid the need for costly rebuilding.

 Our strengthening and restraint methodologies are applicable for all types of brick structures including traditional load-bearing brickwork and modern brick clad buildings. When determining the correct method of repair, we take into account the variable nature of the base materials and utilize appropriate fixing technologies to ensure that loads are properly transferred between the structural elements.

 Our work includes:



Chimney repairs

Ledger supports

Cavity cleaning

Slip brick repairs

Expansion joints

Lateral restraints

 We specialize in crack repairs and replacing broken brick due to foundation settling, vehicle damage, plumbing repair damage, and deterioration problems. These repairs require several important adjustments to ensure their professional image is maintained, and are long lasting.  The first critical step in any repair is to properly identify what needs to be done. Each Project Manager has over 10 years of relevant masonry experience, and can help you determine a reasonable scope of work based on your needs and wishes.

 Your desire to simply improve the appearance of your brick may alone determine your needs. Some minor imperfections in your brickwork may not require repair at all, such as fine hairline cracks or minor erosion of mortar. However, delaying other repairs could result in damage to other components of your home.  Proper Brick Matching is essential. Damaged, cracked, or severely deteriorated bricks should almost always be sawed out of the wall and replaced with new units. If you don’t have extra matching bricks, leave it to us to find the best available match.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor a brick repair or mortar repair solution to address almost any brickwork problem. Contact us for more information at (916) 833-5526